Choosing a Translation Agency

When choosing a translation agency, it’s a good idea to seek recommendations from other clients. Often, testimonials on a website do not give an accurate representation of an agency’s expertise. It is always best to ask existing clients for testimonials, as you can gain insight into their experience and ask any questions you have. A well-established translation agency should be able to provide references and a list of satisfied clients. If an agency has many satisfied customers, you can ask for testimonials from their website.

Lessons learned from ALTA’s 30 years in business

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Qualities to look for in a translation agency

Before hiring a translation agency, you should check its reputation. You should know how long the company has been in business and how satisfied clients are with the translations. Reviews and recent posts are a great way to find out how the services of a translation agency stack up against those of competitors. Nevertheless, you should be cautious as the Internet has a tendency to overreact. If you’re looking for a translation agency that will provide accurate translations, you’ll want to make sure it’s officially accredited and regularly audited.

A top-rated translation agency should be constantly evolving and keeping up with technology. That means they should have the latest publishing platforms and tools. They should also be able to accommodate different technological needs. The linguists in an agency should attend regularly-scheduled training sessions to stay up-to-date. This is an especially good feature for agencies that offer a wide range of languages and subject-matter-related services.

Costs of working with a translation agency

When working with a translation agency, you may have several options in terms of costs. You may hire an agency to translate a single document or entrust the translation to a freelance translator. Both options come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Working with a freelance translator is more affordable, but you may find the quality of their work inconsistent. A translation agency can ensure consistency over time. Read on to learn more about the costs of working with a translation agency.

Language prices vary depending on the language combination and length. The more common languages, the cheaper the translation will be. In contrast, languages with rare or technical content cost more. This is because there are fewer translators available for these languages. Another consideration when choosing a translation agency is the economic climate of the country you are working in. Translation rates in a country with low living costs will be lower. In addition, working with a translation agency will reduce your costs if they can offer you discounts.

Resources available to clients

Choosing a translation agency is an excellent way to reduce the time it takes to produce highquality translated documents. Many translation agencies have access to multiple translators that can speed up the process and reduce time to market. In fact, it is possible to launch a website months earlier with the help of a translation agency. Clients can also use the services of a translation agency to recycle segments of a document and achieve consistency in terminology and style.

When selecting a translation agency, be sure to ask about their resources. For example, are they available to provide their clients with a glossary and list of terminology? Are there style or formatting details that will need to be handled? If the source text includes graphs, tables, or charts, do they need to be formatted or reorganized? If so, these details can be a significant factor in determining the price.