vivo v15 pro Review – A Look At The Best Mobile Phone

The powerful, feature-rich and stylish O vivo V15 Pro ensures that you do not miss out on your mobile entertainment experience. If you are looking for the ultimate handset to entertain your family and friends, this is the one. It is packed with so many features that makes it stand out from its competitors.

The O vivo V 15 Pro is powered by the hexa-core processor of the smartphone that handles most day-to-night tasks flawlessly. The octa-core processor of the vivo v15 who also handles games smoothly and comes with six-megapixel resolution and brilliant screen that has fantastic viewing angles. The front-facing camera has an advanced dual-tone camera with an LED flash. The rear camera has a wide-angle camera as well.

The O vivo v15 pro review comes to the vivo v15 pro conclusion that the handsets have all the qualities that have made it a favourite among the youth. It has been loaded with the features that will mesmerize the youth and parents alike. The O vivo v15 who is also well enhanced with the features like dual engine fast charging, multi SIM tray, barcode scanner, proximity sensor and the time slot. The time slot allows you to have up to 8 hours of talk time and the barcode scanner helps you capture those important documents.

There is no doubt that the HTC Wildfire is an extremely sleek and elegant mobile that will compliment almost any outfit. This is what is in store for you in the HTC Wildfire. The phone has a sleek body that compliments its metallic finish. It also has a very sharp bezel along with a dual-tone sporty design and the HTC Wildfire pro review touts that it looks great, especially when you wear any type of jewellery.

The one thing that you cannot do with the HTC Wildfire pro is keep your hands steady on the screen even though you are carrying the phone on your back. That is where the HTC Wildfire quattro comes in as the winner over the entire three contenders. The phone has a full QWERTY keyboard and the touch screen can be used as a stylus. The handset also comes with a neat double headphone jack which you can use to charge the phone or even connect your earphones.

The camera on the HTC Wildfire pro is also something that does not disappoint. The two cameras on the back of the handset are there in a way that they compliment each other but they do not interfere with one another like the Nokia E71’s camera did. The HTC Wildfire camera also has a decent recording speed, and that means that you will not have to wait long to edit what you have recorded. In fact, you can even use the zoom feature to ensure that you get clear pictures of your family and friends. When it comes to picture taking, funtouch os excels in this department because of the excellent LCD screen that it uses.

Another good thing about the video v15 pro is the fact that it has a very competent camera and it excels in portrait mode. It can take a good amount of pictures in a short time and with good amounts of resolution. The front and rear cameras are also both quite capable of taking selfies and the person who is taking the pictures will enjoy a lot of fun since he or she will be able to make a number of different poses and expressions with good amounts of effect.

However, the vivo v15 pro does have one major shortcoming when it comes to the battery. Although it has a fast charging rate, it can sometimes lead to a bit of a problem because of the slow charge time. The charge time can sometimes take a while to get up to speed. However, this can be corrected easily by connecting the juice tray to an outlet or by using a USB cord. If you are a person who likes to take as many selfies as possible, then you should consider purchasing one of the HTC Wildfire ui or the vivo v15 pro instead.

The other big plus that the vivo v15 pro review is missing out on is the fact that it has a great amount of memory space. This is a great benefit because you do not have to constantly worry about downloading new apps or games onto your phone in order to store new data. All you need is a simple slot and then you are ready to go. This is especially convenient if you travel frequently since you will always have a safe place to keep all of your data ready to use when needed.